The Bridges of Madison County

Theatre Set Design | Aurora Theatre - 2017

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"The other star of Aurora Theatre's production is the gorgeous set by Julie Allardice Ray. The set, which is really not much more complicated than a series of wooden frames made from old screen doors and window casings that cleverly expose the sunsets, sunrises, and starry skies of Iowa, is a powerful metaphor for Francesca's longing. The smaller frames spin around the stage, creating a strong sense of place without bogging us down in the details of the bridge and the interior and exterior spaces of the family farmhouse and beautifully showcasing Francesca's internal struggle as her life is thrown into orbit by her encounter with Robert. The largest frame, shaped like a huge farmhouse, is immovable and omnipresent, always serving as a reminder that Francesca has built a life with her husband and children that will not be easy to cast off." - Broadway World

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