Angels in America

Theatre Set Design | Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre - 2008

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Director C. T. Steele does an amazing job keeping the play moving. The production races from scene to scene at a rapid fire pace. And within each scene there is nary a slow (or dull) moment. Steele is aided by scenic designer Julie Allardice-Ray. Allardice-Ray’s set is massive and completely transforms the stage at the Charity Randall Theatre. Not only does she meet the challenge of the multi-setting play (I lost count around the fifteenth scene change), but the set must crumble as the production progresses.

Allardice-Ray is aided with stunning lighting by Annmarie Duggan, moving projections designed by Dan Carr and a crackerjack run crew who fly through the sets changes. Visually, this production is breathtaking. - Out Magazine

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